One Hit Kill (Core)


The card game of ridiculously overpowered weapons and monsters and cuddly rabbits.

The One Hit Kill core deck is designed for 2-3 players. 

One Hit Kill is a fast-moving card game in which players race to construct weapons that can knock out their opponents in a single blow. (A One Hit Kill.)

It draws from traditional card games like gin and poker, along with European-style games like Catan and Ticket to Ride. We classify it as mid-Atlantic.  

One Hit Kill is easy to learn: no hit points, no mana, no need to consult the rulebook. Its simple rules allow for surprisingly complex strategy. We’ve play tested it with ages 8 to 78. Everyone quickly gets it, experienced gamers and newbies alike.

The game was created by John August and the team that brought you Writer Emergency Pack, with illustrations by amazing artists who’ve worked on top fantasy games.

It was launched on Kickstarter in May 2015 with nearly 2,000 backers.


In the Box:

  • One Hit Kill Core Deck
  • 40 Core deck Component cards
  • 20 Core deck Weapon cards
  • 11 Core deck Special cards

Also includes instructions + double-sided full-color play mat.